Sustainable Events

A greener approach to conferences, events and exhibitions...

Our aim at TPG is to continue transforming our business operations to be kinder to the environment while keeping the same quality and support needed in live events.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Our triple RRR (reduce, reuse and recycle) policy at TPG and key supplier network has invested heavily in energy-saving solutions for the conference and events market.

This includes Laser LED projection from Panasonic, recyclable materials for use on event backdrops, including 100% fully recyclable full-colour graphics, recyclable carpeting, and a complete range of LED lighting fixtures, including uplighters, stage lighting and moving fixtures.

Our used equipment is also donated to charities that can benefit from the use of items like display screens and speaker systems. If items are beyond repair, we then recycle all relevant parts.

Regarding transport, our event trucking partners are converting vehicles to HVO fuel (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil). This is a renewable diesel alternative with 90% lower net GHG emissions.

Our technical staff are encouraged to use public transport or car share to events where public transport is unavailable. Our Project Management uses electric vehicles to eliminate the use of petrol and Diesel.

Sustainable Events, Conferences and Exhibitions

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