Conference, event and exhibition lighting services...

Set the mood, focus the audience’s attention, and create an innovative and immersive indoor or outdoor experience.

Light Up The Room

Event lighting and design are key elements in the setup of any live event. Lights are what set the mood, focus the audience’s attention, and are capable of creating an immersive experience that stays with the audience for a long time.

We provide indoor and outdoor solutions, combining the most innovative event lighting ideas with state-of-the-art equipment by the best manufacturers in the business.

Our professional designs and custom lighting solutions allow us to create a special ambience for any private, business, or cultural event.

TPG are experts in lighting design and installation, creating thousands of custom solutions for events of all types and sizes worldwide.

With our innovative lighting designers and technicians working their magic, your event is set to be a shining success!

Conference, Event and Exhibition lighting

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